May 26, 2008

Do You See What I See?

An Angel made flesh. And to think I ignored all those "[I'm] an angel sent by god," declarations by Six to Baltar. But this publicity image keeps getting altered. Six has been moved. And now there it is, before your eyes.

The actors in the image all claim that it was a rather informal photo shoot (those who have spoken publicly about it), but clearly they have been staged very carefully - especially putting Six in the center and with those near her falling away from her (which also conforms to the Da Vinci original) - allowing the form of the wings from the door pattern behind her to take shape associated with her figure. And is that the divine light of knowledge above her?

Head-Six has claimed to be an angel many times to Baltar (and she's physically intervened on Baltar's behalf more than once), but the wings look more like a butterfly's - (perhaps to evoke thoughts of metamorphosis?).

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Anonymous said...

By Jove, which is to say by myself, I think you've got it.

- Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus