May 26, 2008

Off-Center Six, and Who's In the Light

In the Entertainment Weekly interactive Last Supper image Caprica Six has been placed left in the image - with the dotted line denoting the fold in the hard-copy magazine format. Some other of this type of image have floated around. What is notable in this version of the image is that those on the left are bathed in light, while those on the right have no lights above them. [click images for larger views]

Conclusion: The Roslin-Natalie-Tigh-Baltar-Six faction have seen the light. The Kara-Anders-Tyrol-Athena-Helo-Adama faction have not. [For a giant image (a Sci-Fi promo ad) Six is again clearly left and the high resolution allows for clearer details:
MOVING CENTER: Six has clearly been moved from left to center over time (the most recent image from the Sci-Fi Channel website is the source of the right image), and thus the angel wings from the door pattern behind her can be seen. Evidently they didn't want to reveal this right away. I've put in a register mark near her head so you can see the movement more clearly. They've also raised the point-of-view a bit, as if the camera had been raised higher toward Six's eye level.

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