May 26, 2008

Notable Objects

Several objects are put on display and some seem more important than others.

I've omitted the knife Tyrol holds because I think it may hold more value to his personal story than to the fate of all the survivors. I think he will kill Tory and/or his son Nicholas - perhaps Athena-Sharon and Hera ... somebody gon' die from his knife.

The pot of fire Roslin lights is probably Kamala. Since she is likely a convert to monotheism and allied with Natalie-Tigh-Baltar (possibly Lee) and Six, then it may not be Kamala since that is the sacred root for worship of the Old Gods. The closed book of the Old Gods in front of the Roslin faction seems to indicate they have rejected the polytheism of the Colonies. The Grail Cup represents the missing Final Cylon according to Ron Moore.

The open book of the Old Gods in front of Kara, Anders, Tyrol, Athena-Sharon, Helo and Adama seems to represent that they reject the new monotheism and remain faithful to the Old Gods.
Lastly, I've omitted the clipboard of Lee's, the little book of Kara's, Natalie's bracelet, Six's bracelet, the water glasses and Adama's wedding ring as not meaningful to the final resolution of the story (however the fact that Adama wears the wedding ring probably means he retreats into the past and he and Roslin do not end up a couple).

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librlman said...

If you make two copies of the pic, make one slightly transparent, then overlap the two cups (they are on the same horizontal plane, so they line up perfectly), you get an interesting effect similar to that with DaVinci's The Last Supper: Lee is holding Kara with Anders as a ghostly presence holding them both, Tyrol staring menacingly at Baltar with the knife angling thru Baltar's head, and two of the slanted columns forming a lighted cross where Six was standing in the unaltered picture. Take a look at this article from to see what I mean: