May 26, 2008

Zodiac Connections?

The 12 Colonies are named after astrological signs, slightly modified:
Aerelon (Aries), Aquaria (Aquarius), Canceron, (Cancer), Caprica, (Capricorn), Gemenon, (Gemini), Leonis (Leo), Libris (Libra), Picon (Pisces), Sagittaron (Sagittarius), Scorpia (Scorpio), Tauron (Taurus), Virgon (Virgo)
Caprica is the main colony among the many - the center of political power and culture. The Gemenese are the spiritual leaders and true believers. The Picons seem to be considered malcontents by the Capricans. The Aquarians, Cancerons, Leonese, Librisans, Scorpians have hardly been mentioned or not at all on BSG.
It is unusual to photograph legs in portraits, and given the seemingly strange arrangement of some legs, perhaps there are Zodiac signs hidden in the image? Above is a sample. It was Lee in the Temple of Athena on Kobol [Season 2, Episode Home, Pt. 2] that noticed the constellation of Scorpio and the Lagoon Nebula as a marker to find Earth, "I've seen that before he says." "Astral body M-8," Adama continues, "It's a long way from here." Lee adds, "But at least we have a map and a direction."

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