May 26, 2008

Turn On the Lights

On the Sci-Fi Channel website - which we can regard as the official representation of the BSG Last Supper image - the image loads on the page in sequence from dark to progressively lighter, then you can click on it to activate the interactive aspect of the image. Here is the sequence in stills of the dark-to-light. This is also the most recent variation of the image and Caprica Six has been moved to the exact center from slightly off-center (see bottom Sci-Fi Channel promotional image)

Dark beginning:Six's Angel Wings appear
Into the light: 2 Panels On ...
Lights on - backlit, silhouette:Officialdom (Six off-center before being moved recently):
In addition to Six's angel wings, the only other character in the image with background imagery interacting with their body is Athena-Sharon, who has two pipes forming parallel lines emanating from her head. I was reminded of two things: the lightning-rod that pierced the body of that hapless priest in the film The Omen, and the tiny air passageway in the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza, which some scholars believe was meant to be a pathway for the Pharaoh's soul to ascend to heaven to reside with Osiris in the afterlife given the constellation alignments at that time.

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Anonymous said...

What about devil-horns?