Mar 26, 2009


Hey kids, thanks for all the visits along the way and hope you liked the images and speculation. As it turns out the Last Supper image wasn't much in the way of a set of clues. Like the lame ending Ron Moore served the fans of Battlestar with his finale Daybreak Pts I & 2, there were abandoned ideas, false starts, things just ignored and meaningless atmosphere. The Last Supper image really was about Laura, Natalie, Tigh and the empty space where the grail cup is, and when using the initials plus Tigh makes it L-N-Tigh or Ellen. That's it.

As for the other "clues" in the image, Tyrol's knife could represent his ultimate needless murder of Tory over a girl he didn't really love nor want to be with and wasn't even the mother of his child since it wasn't his. Natalie had a tiny story arc and was killed by that crazy 8, hence her pointing to Athena. Kara ends up with Sam - sort of, but not really. And Laura's pot-o-burning-Kamala was never used nor referenced. Only Laura closed the book on the Old Gods, so the open and closed books really don't mean much either. And the glasses of water - maybe the actors were thirsty on the day of the shoot. On it goes.

I'll still do a posting now-and-again on the Galactica Variants site, and will finish the stories to the fan fiction site Battlestar: Variant 1 [both can be linked upper right] since now more than ever the fans need a good ending and I will give them one. But I don't intend to update this site anymore. It will just fade into oblivion.

Oh, I guess I called it right about Head-Six being an angel ... but it doesn't feel so special since I loathed the ending.

Feb 20, 2009


For the best breakdown of the exposition explosion we got in the No Exit episode, read Michael Hinman's piece over at SyFyPortal - he lays it all out very cleanly: how the Final Five just worked at a lab and Cavil's petty and jealous nature put all the events in motion in our story.

Feb 17, 2009


Ron Moore said repeatedly "It's all right there" in the Last Supper pic, so let's take another look and devine the outcome of certain characters:

Roslin: Has rejected her newfound faith in the Old Gods but probably lives until the end, and is not going to end up being the "dying leader" since the writers just kept changing things up as they went along.

Natalie-Six: She points at Athena because that crazy-8 shot her. Will she be back for revenge or to seek accomodation?

Tigh: A Final Fiver who now knows his past, he doesn't seem to believe in anything except his floozy-boozy wife, Ellen.

Grail Cup: Supposedly the stand-in for the Final Cylon - so it represents Ellen - the font of knowledge since she rediscovered resurrection tech?

Lee: The Thinking Man, perhaps thinking about how boring they made his character this season. He sits with the faction that has closed the book on the Old Gods.

Baltar: Recoiling at Head-Six - she's baaaaack! Or did the writers just abandon her to the ash-heap of story-threads-we-didn't-know-what-to-do-with ?

Head-Six: She's in the Head-Six dress we've never seen Caprica Six or any other Six wear, and she's the center, so she must be pivotal. One would think, but given how they vomited exposition in No Exit and basically ruined the story, I'm not so sure we'll see her again.

Kara: She is one of the group that lived on Cinder Earth, the lady Anders used to sing his song to with that electric guitar. Is she Daniel? She was a woman, but reborn as a man on Caprica, then a woman again as Kara because Cavil poisoned her goo tank? Manly yes, but Anders likes her too.

Anders: He seems to love Kara - because they were lovers once on Cinder Earth or because she stuck by him after he got shot, or because he saw her glowing like an Opera Houser?

Tyrol: He holds a knife and there is no Tory. I guess we know who he kills. I guess he thought her murdering Callie was wrong, despite Tory and Tyrol being a couple 2000 years earlier on Cinder Earth.

8-Sharon-Athena-Boomer: Who can tell? Probably it's Athena, mother of Hera, still loyal to her husband Helo, who is such a dull character he should die before the show ends, but since he's in the pic, maybe he lives.

Adama: Sitting alone, facing out, looking inward - bitter? He sits with the faction with the book of the Old Gods open, althoug he's never expressed any strong convictions about any religious points of view. Perhaps he is just an old saw who can't see past his own limitations.

Jan 26, 2009


There is a lot of speculation that Ron Moore will take the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica in the direction of gods and devils, specifically the return of Lord Iblis in some form, perhaps the Lucifer Cylon model, and Head-Six as an angel (possibly for good, or perhaps a dark angel in service to dark forces).

Other observers have pointed out that Moore has been rather faith
ful to story elements from the original series, so we may yet see a version of the Ship of Lights and alien Seraphs.

And this truly brilliant post from Galactica Science posits a compelling theory as to the meaning of the plant Laura picked up on cinder Earth and its relation to the Thirteenth Tribe, the snakes she saw on her hands (my observation), the 13th sign of the Zodiac, and more.

Jan 17, 2009

L N Tigh

As an anonymous poster to the comments section in the below post noted "L" (Laura) "N" (Natalie) Tigh are in a row left-to-right and the blank space next to Tigh is where Ellen would sit - next to her man. As written in Sometimes A Great Notion (see review at Galactica Variants) the reveal of Ellen as the 5th and Final Cylon works. I'm sold so far. We'll see how it spins out.
Now, if there's any truth to this, then is there anything else being spelled out in the image? [letters for most commonly used name]

Jan 13, 2009


Here is a link to a gigantic Last Supper image. Look again. We are told "the answer is staring us in the face."

Jan 8, 2009


Regular site visitors may know I've created an alternate ending to the one we'll be getting starting January 16th. I intend to have all 10 'episodes' done by then. Two stories are mostly done, teasers are up for all the others, and the work continues apace to complete them all. If you prefer the sleek to the gritty, science-fiction to action-adventure, and favored the mysticism and mythology of the story over the war story aspects you'll like my version. Click the link above right or here - Battlestar: Variant 1