Jan 17, 2009

L N Tigh

As an anonymous poster to the comments section in the below post noted "L" (Laura) "N" (Natalie) Tigh are in a row left-to-right and the blank space next to Tigh is where Ellen would sit - next to her man. As written in Sometimes A Great Notion (see review at Galactica Variants) the reveal of Ellen as the 5th and Final Cylon works. I'm sold so far. We'll see how it spins out.
Now, if there's any truth to this, then is there anything else being spelled out in the image? [letters for most commonly used name]


Aaron Wright said...

Fascinating...and is there a way to know how much "blank space" is actually out there

julz said...

As far as the clue being "right in our face," it makes sense that the chalice is in from of Ellen's spot. She was, after all, poisoned from a (tin?) cup and the fact that the cup is there and she isn't... well, that should be obvious.

Its amazing the things you think of in retrospect.