Mar 26, 2009


Hey kids, thanks for all the visits along the way and hope you liked the images and speculation. As it turns out the Last Supper image wasn't much in the way of a set of clues. Like the lame ending Ron Moore served the fans of Battlestar with his finale Daybreak Pts I & 2, there were abandoned ideas, false starts, things just ignored and meaningless atmosphere. The Last Supper image really was about Laura, Natalie, Tigh and the empty space where the grail cup is, and when using the initials plus Tigh makes it L-N-Tigh or Ellen. That's it.

As for the other "clues" in the image, Tyrol's knife could represent his ultimate needless murder of Tory over a girl he didn't really love nor want to be with and wasn't even the mother of his child since it wasn't his. Natalie had a tiny story arc and was killed by that crazy 8, hence her pointing to Athena. Kara ends up with Sam - sort of, but not really. And Laura's pot-o-burning-Kamala was never used nor referenced. Only Laura closed the book on the Old Gods, so the open and closed books really don't mean much either. And the glasses of water - maybe the actors were thirsty on the day of the shoot. On it goes.

I'll still do a posting now-and-again on the Galactica Variants site, and will finish the stories to the fan fiction site Battlestar: Variant 1 [both can be linked upper right] since now more than ever the fans need a good ending and I will give them one. But I don't intend to update this site anymore. It will just fade into oblivion.

Oh, I guess I called it right about Head-Six being an angel ... but it doesn't feel so special since I loathed the ending.