Dec 11, 2008


I had originally hoped for a wonderful metamorphosis for our beloved Six, the central character to the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. It seems that the constant dialog references by her character that she is an "angel" was going to be made manifest. What this site presents with the visual of the Last Supper image giving her wings is the most compelling argument other than what the Six character has said herself. Yet, now I think Ron Moore and Co. have decided that she is angel as metaphor - which is a wimp-out. I re-watched io9's vid-clips of the deleted scenes from Season 4 up till now and there is a scene in which Head-Six fades away. Wise decision they cut that - it would have been a pathetic choice. Yet there was that scene in a Galactica corridor in which Head-Six physically lifted and helped carry Baltar after a fight. We were shown this from an observer's point-of-view, not Baltar's. The deleted scenes show that the writing is still fluid because they deleted a scene of Tyrol choking out Callie and instead, as we know, Tory backhanded, then airlocked her. If the end is the beginning and we're going to see who Caprica Six was meeting in that park after she left Baltar, "It's about time," (remember?), then Head-Six must be explained and she must be pivotal. If Baltar ends up being the Final Cylon, then Head-Six is sub-programming. If Baltar is more than human but not Cylon, then Head-Six makes sense (Lord Iblis anyone? Seraph?). If Baltar is human and Caprica Six did not put a physical implant into his brain (organic, so Doc Cottle's MRI didn't pick it up), then how she physically picked him up in that fight and why Caprica Six sees a Head-Baltar needs to make some kind of sense. Head-Six is more sinister and self-assured than the other Sixes. Why? It is baffling that when Baltar was severely injured on the rebel Base Ship Head-Six was not there for him - when he was close to death. We don't want to end up with some lame explanation or we might as well be given Six Headroom.

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F-F-F-inal C-C-C-ylon T-T-T-ime